Working together, pooling resources, sharing success.

Our mission is to deliver the wide-ranging benefits of AAK’s unique Co-Development approach to your foodservice, wholesale or retail business.

Meeting new trends, renewing menus, optimising categories, developing healthier options, cutting waste, saving costs, placing greater emphasis on sustainability – whatever you are trying to do, we are here to help.

With an extensive range of products covering a vast range of product categories from frying oils to speciality oils, butter alternatives to cream alternatives, savoury sauces and condiments to sweet sauces, coulis and compotes, dressings and mayonnaise, hot dogs to bakery ingredients, we have a ready-made answer to almost any requirement.

Our customers range from independent restaurants and global fast food chains, to national and regional foodservice wholesalers and multiple retailers.

With Foodservice production and customer innovation facilities in the UK, US, Sweden, Mexico, Turkey, China and India, we operate across the world supplying customers in the UK, US, Europe, Mexico, China, India, Turkey and Asia.

As our customer, you will benefit from our global insights, knowledge and capacity as well as our regional focus and customer centric approach.