Nihon Shokken

Welcome to the Nihon Shokken Stand

We are the largest manufacturer of blended seasonings and sauces from Japan and are happy to be able to introduce 3 of our most popular products to you to bring authentic flavour and quality to your menu.

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Teriyaki Sauce

The most authentic Teriyaki sauce outside of Japan. A think consistency, shiny glaze and rich taste. Great with a variety of ingredients and can be used in many ways

Instructions: when grilling, simply coat the ingredients with the Teriyaki sauce at the end of cooking. To use in a stir-fry, mix in Teriyaki sauce equal to 20-30% of the cooked ingredients.

Tempura Batter Mix

A light and delicate batter mix which stays crisp for hours. Ideal for banqueting and functions.

Instructions: first powder the ingredients with the Tempura batter mix, then coat them in a 1:1.5 ratio of tempura batter mix to water, measured by weight.

Pre heat the oil to 170°C and deep fry for 3-4 minutes.

Sesame Dressing (new product)

Containing a generous amount of ground sesame and sesame paste. This game changing new dressing is ideal for giving your salad a burst of flavour or as a side dip.


>>>Click here to request samples or more menu ideas sent to you<<<